Dynamic Women Event - Autumn 2017 
Hello, thank you for your interest in the next Dynamic Women event.

Before we capture your email so that we can keep you up to date on the latest event details, we'd love to hear your feedback on what you would like to see at DW Autumn 2017. 

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Donna & Team BDC x
In the next Dynamic Women event - 'How to be More Fearless & Achieve Your Goals' - we will be exploring how you can shake off 'the fear', and begin striving towards your goals for 2018 before January.

Does this topic appeal to you? *

By attending this event you will:
- Discover what makes you 'tick' when it comes to successfully achieving your goals, i.e. your 'formula to be fearless'.
- Build your very own '2018 Vision Board' capturing your true priorities & purpose for the New Year.
- Learn mind-set tools for building the unshakable self belief you need to turn your goals into your reality.
- Hear from an inspiring Hampshire businesswoman (to be announced soon...) on how she goes about achieving the goals that scare her in order to have the successful career she has today.
- Enjoy inspiring and uplifting conversation with like-minded women who will support you to feel good and thrive.

What other topics would you like Dynamic Women to cover in the future?

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Just out of interest, how much would you pay for an event of this nature?

This ticket price would include: 
- An informative and inspiring event (4 - 6 hours) focused on you & your goals.
- Coaching tools that will transform how you see yourself, the career landscape around you and what you are capable of.  
- Your very own 2018 Vision Board and Dynamic Women notepad to take home and 'own' the New Year with! (Watch out world...)
- An opportunity to connect with other amazing women in Hampshire (like you) who want to achieve their true potential and will support you to do the same. 
- An incredible guest speaker who will leave you wanting to 'get out there and go for it' like never before. 
- A variety of refreshments served throughout the day including a healthy breakfast, buffet lunch and as much tea & coffee as you can drink.

Above all else, what one thing would you like to get from attending the next Dynamic Women event and why? *

What do you look for in an event before deciding to book, what are the 'deal makers' for you? *

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Which location and the surrounding areas (10 mile radius) would be most convenient for you to attend? *

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Thank you for your valuable thoughts.

We will now take what you have told us and apply it to our event planning over the coming weeks. 

In the meantime, let's get social! For live event updates and other info on getting the most out of your life & career, come and say hello via: 


Catch up soon. 

Donna & Team BDC x
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